Unlock your potential – bring everything you are into everything you do

Acting for Change works in many sectors equipping leaders with the confidence and skills to find their voice,
and the ability to help others find theirs.



“If you’ve never experienced a role-play with a professional actor then you’ve never experienced the true power of role-play.”

Our courses are always active and fun. They’re also embarrassment-free, so every participant will complete the course feeling upbeat and motivated. And with a clear understanding of how, why and when to flex their behaviour to get the result they want.

We design our courses according to your needs and everything we do delivers a clear return on investment. Amongst the subjects we frequently work with are; Coaching, Influencing, Presenting, Having Difficult Conversations, Consultative Selling and Negotiating.

In these sessions we examine the choices we make when communicating and the habits that affect those choices. We work with actors to offer simple and powerful tools and techniques to give you a wider range of options in the moment. Often this involves a deep dive into how we choose our words, use our voices and move our bodies.

To support the learning we frequently record and playback what’s happened so participants can see themselves as others do and understand how flexing behaviour has a powerful effect.



“Challenging you to take risks by flexing your listening and speaking habits so you create the impact you want.”

Our coaching sessions are driven by the needs of the individuals we work with, although we often focus on interpersonal communication skills. We work with clients across different sectors and at all levels, but most are senior professionals.

A key theme in all of our coaching work is authenticity. We use our skills as actors and business professionals to focus on moment-by-moment behaviours and offer practical tools and techniques to give you confidence and clarity. We explore your aims and ambitions, challenges and objectives to find realistic and authentic ways for you to achieve your goals.

Our clients frequently ask us to help with:

    • Personal impact and presence
    • Presentation and speaker skills
    • Having difficult conversations
    • Motivating and inspiring – getting the best out of others


The length and duration varies, but a typical client might work with us in 90 minute sessions for a few months.

Liz Ellis – Events Manager

“I have worked with David regularly over the past 5 years in his role as a Speaker Coach. What is particularly brilliant about David is his ability to quickly assess, adapt and formulate effective robust approaches to work with both clients and speakers. He provides empathetic, positively challenging, strategic and focused solutions and brings out the best in those he coaches. He understands business and strategic imperatives as well as the soft communication skills which combined are the recipe of success.


My experience with David has been working on projects with multiple speakers from all levels of businesses – shop floor through to the Chief Executive and David is particularly adept and intuitive at tailoring his support and advice to both the personality and seniority of his subject.


As well as being a highly effective professional – David is affable, good humoured, flexible and a fantastic team player with a robust, practical approach. David’s positive and collaborative approach is a perfect fit into any team.”